The Studio


The mission of Liberty Pilates is to help you achieve greater health and happiness through mindful movement.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates

Liberty Pilates is not your typical Pilates studio which runs group classes and allows anyone to just drop-in for a workout. There are no pre-choreographed routines or one-size-fits all fitness packages. We only book private sessions because each individual has unique physical, mental and emotional needs. Our ultimate goal is to help make you a better version of yourself, inside and out.

Since change takes place over time and functional improvement requires consistent practice, we expect all new clients to make a minimum 3 month commitment to achieving your health & fitness goals.


What to Expect / How to Prepare for your Session
• All sessions are by appointment only.
• Sessions are 55 minutes in duration.
• No shoes are allowed in the studio. While it is ideal to workout in bare feet (we keep the floors clean), if you prefer to wear socks, we recommend a pair with non-slip soles.
• Wear comfortable exercise clothes which do not restrict movement but are not too loose so we can better observe your body alignment.
• Please refrain from using perfume or bodycare products with strong fragrances before coming to the studio. Allow at least 2-3 hours after eating a heavy meal or at least an hour after a light meal.