Do you want to get in shape or lose weight but the same old excuses seem to always get in the way?

Do have unexplained chronic pain or an old sports injury which prevents you from doing the things you love?

Are you too stressed out to address the the stressors in your life?

Coaching helps you bridge the gap between your present reality and the future you’ve always dreamed about.

Awareness: A coach helps you identify your blindspots and self-imposed constraints.

Accountability: A coach will encourage you to be honest with yourself.

Ambition:  A coach will keep you motivated during good and bad times.

Action: A coach will help you figure out what steps to take to achieve your goals.

The magic of coaching happens when you break free of old boundaries and see new possibilities.

Lauren Siegel Lauren Siegel, Coach, Pilates & MELT Method Teacher

I overcame widespread chronic pain with the help of a coach. Thanks to his insight and encouragement, I rewrote the story I was telling myself. Only then could I make the transformation from a victim to the hero of my story.

One of the most valuable things my coach taught me was that there is a difference between perception and sensation. Sensation is simply a feeling. For the most part, sensation is a neutral phenomenon until the mind attaches emotion and meaning to it paving the way for perception to take shape. Perception is biased and subjective. Without someone to question my negative self-talk and limited mindset, I would probably still be stuck where I was – allowing pain to rule my life.

I use what I have learned from my own experience to help other people get out of pain and reach their goals. My mind-body approach integrates Pilates, the MELT Method and mindfulness techniques to help you better understand how both your body and your brain work. I have found that deep awareness of and connection to your “core” self are key to realizing your innate potential.

If you’re ready to start living fully, with enthusiasm and an open mind, email me to set up a free consultation.